Myriam Kuehne Rauner, Lost Vanity, 2020

150 x 81 x 31 cm
blown Glass, 3D print, glass with tiffany technique, crafted brass, resin loaded brass, sand
video, color, sound, duration 1.30 min (Videomaker Lara Peviani)

Is an image a representation of one’s own self or only a hiding behind a mask? Modern man in the center of the Cosmos and in continuous  virtual connection, is incessantly recalled to show himself. The reward is a heart that deceives as it seems like gold but it is not smooth.Kneeling on it, you can experience yourself only in part. Myriam Kuehne Rauner approaches the conflict between  appearance and vanity using an experiential path.  She displays the various stages of experience through the materials and their specific characteristics like transparency, reflection, fragility, the colours such as gold, white, purple, the alternation between soft and edged shapes,
the symbolism of the referred objects and with motions and actions in her performance.